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Homesick - try exploring!

A few months back I was talking to to an old colleague, friend, and fellow immigrant back in Australia about homesickness. I asked how she had dealt with it over the years and her response was brilliant. Her advice was, that whenever I was missing home, try going out and seeing or doing something that you can't back in Australia. Wonderful words from a wonderful person. Thank you Hannah :)

One of my favourite ways to live this advice is to explore. It's one I'm familiar with and I'm able to combine it with photography! You don't need to travel far to explore...taking a closer look at places nearby works just as well. Here are some images from recent mini-adventures:

West Bottoms: a wonderful place to grab a coffee and go for a wander. Great old buildings and really interesting stores (they even have an axe throwing bar...alcohol and axe throwing).

Weston, MO: A wonderful historic town just 30-40min drive from Kansas City. Well worth a visit!

Kansas City MO (Riverside, downtown and Crown Centre): Endless opportunities for exploring in these areas! The Riverside area has a new parkland and path, downtown is revitalising, and the Crown Centre area has a lot of wonderful spaces and places!