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Ice storm

One of the more interesting weather phenomena I've experienced here in Kansas City is the 'ice storm'. With just the right surface and atmospheric conditions, rain falls as a cooled liquid, then freezes when it reaches the below freezing objects at ground level. The result is an icy coating on most, if not all, surfaces. As you can imagine, it's quite dangerous to drive in these conditions and if it's bad enough, tree limbs can fall under the weight of the ice. Power outages can be widespread and extended (I've heard stories of power being out for over a week...maybe not the worst thing in the world, but when it's well below freezing outside, it can quickly become dangerous).

But it's not all bad! The icy coating on everything is beautiful. While at the landscape level it's wondrous to look at (but difficult to convey in a photo), the finer details are stunning. Here are a couple of photos I got over in Missouri yesterday after a moderate ice storm.

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