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Photography has been a life long passion of mine. It's my creative outlet and a way to capture those moments of beauty we all have in our lives. 

So why hire me? Well, I created my business to offer a photography experience that results in natural, authentic, beautiful images that tell your story.  Anyone can take pictures, but truely capturing the essence of a relationship, inner personality, the beauty of a landscape or the mood of an event...that's the challenge, what I love about photography and what I provide to my clients.   

My previous professional background in environmental and social science has given me an appreciation for, and perspective of, people and the environment that strongly influence my photography style. I've learned that most things in this world have an amazing amount of beauty; the right photo can capture that beauty and communicate it to the rest of the world, or just act as a reminder! 


If you're looking for a friendly, professional photographer with a slightly different perspective (I'm an Australian photographer in Kansas City - I sometimes see things a bit differently!), give me a call and let's discuss how I can help with your photography needs.

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Tel: (913)-248-5469


Lenexa, KS 66216

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