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Cooking up the perfect kitchen image

So how much effort goes into a real estate photo? The difference between a quick iPhone snap and a fully processed professional image is pretty takes time and effort to get the final image conveying the best the property has to offer. Even a kitchen photo has a fair bit of processing behind it!

There are various methods real estate photographers use to get a great final image. I commonly use a HDR method - it allows me to get in and out of the property quickly (many agents and owners like this!), keep my prices down (good in a low to moderate cost real estate market), and provide a great image quality. Here's an example of what goes into producing a nice kitchen image using my version of the HDR method.

1) Straight out of the camera - 5 images with different exposure levels. I use a tripod to keep the camera perfectly still...some of these shots can take up to 30 seconds depending on the light levels.