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Want more interesting photos? Try telling a story of 5 minutes through images!

So, almost everyone has ready access to pretty good quality photographic equipment these days. A modern iPhone can take brilliant photos! So how can you take more captivating, interesting and meaningful photos? There are LOTS of things you can try, but how about telling a story of 5 minutes through a series of images?

I find setting aside 5 minutes and taking photos of what ever is going on right where you are, is a great way to practice getting your eye in for story telling. Think about it....what do all of your favourite images, or sets of images do well? I bet a lot of them tell a story. So pick up your phone or camera and tell a quick story of 5 minutes in the life of your subject! What subject? It really doesn't matter. A flower, a family member, a building or a park.

Once you have a subject and 5 minutes, try and capture the 'feel' of the moment and how it changes over 5 minutes. Use angles, distance, filters and composition to really convey how the moment felt (for you and also the subject!). You may get it in one or two photos, or it may be dozens. Totally up to you! The more you practice this, the better you'll get at capturing an image that says something about the subject and/or moment. I certainly helps me!

Here's 5 minutes in the life of my son, Felix, at a park in Hannibal MO:

The train appears out of seemingly nowhere - the little guy stops in his tracks.

Got to get a closer look at this thing. He moves over to a better vantage point and takes in what's happening for another minute or so.

Check that thing out, Dad! He's getting pretty excited by now.

That's the sum of if. Pure happiness from being so close to a REAL train :)

I love all of these images of my little guy, but the set is more meaningful than a single image for me - they've told a story.

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