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Kansas City real estate photography

Moving to the USA has meant lots of changes. One of the big changes has been the size and style of houses. As a real estate photographer, it's changed my approach slightly, but not as significant as you may think. I still focus on the best a certain space has to offer, whether this is the size of the room, or a particular special feature.

This image is a great example of where I wanted to emphasise 'space'. The open nature of the living/kitchen area to me is the key 'feature'. To capture this, I use a wide angle and decided to use black and white - to me it helps emphasis the volume and brought out the contrast of the brick fireplace.

This next room was made special by the amazing feature light....this simple image captures the feel of the entire space. The extended area is wonderful also, but for me, the close up of the light says more than the wider angle shot below.

Bathrooms have been easier than in Australia. They're bigger (usually), so a lot easier to manoeuvre in. HDR images seem to be the norm here in Kansas City, so a tripod is essentially for most shots. Getting tripod into these larger bathrooms is a nice change from the smaller bathrooms I'm used to back home.

Exteriors are similar here to in Australia. The main challenge is time of day. Often, it's difficult to schedule a visit to a property under perfect natural light conditions. To make the best of the light you have, creativity is needed.

The shot below is one of my favourites and illustrates this point. It was bright and the sun was high overhead....hard conditions for photography. Shooting into the sun, I got a moderate sun flare which can sometimes ruin a image, but here I think it adds to the feel of the property. It's historic and extremely charismatic!

Realtors, give me a call if you're looking for a real estate photographer. I'll get you the images you need to emphasis the best of your next listing!

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