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A trip to the station

Hi all,

I've started up a blog - apparently it improves the health of your website! First cab off the rank is a rundown of my photography trip to Union Station.

Since moving to Kansas City, I've been busily exploring looking for spaces/environments/landmarks that make for a good engaging image. Luckily, there are quite a few!

One of the places that I had been recommended to check out was Union Station, so Felix and I headed off for a photography trip - Felix was a happy to come along as long as we visited Fritz's hamburger place (for those that haven't been, it's wonderful for kids!). It was a rainy day unfortunately, so external photos were out. The interior it was...and what an interior this building has. The first thing you notice on entering is the vast open space, intricate details on the roof and wonderful large windows letting in beautiful natural light...a natural light that is supplemented by the grand chandeliers and wall lights. It's a truely spectacular space that spoke to the real estate photographer in me!

The main issue I had, was how to capture it all in an image. The options I considered were: looking for small details, or trying to find a vantage point where I could construct a panorama. While the details on the roof and walls were amazing, I decided that the open space was what was striking me the most about this building. After trying a couple of shots from down low at ground level, I headed upstairs. I just wasn't getting enough of the space (and there was an annoying reflection on the floor from one of the windows) in the image.

From the third level, I was able to find a spot that gave me great symmetry in a panorama. I took 5 portrait images of the space and stitched them together in post processing. The result was about as close as I was going to get to capturing the immense space of the station. I reprocessed the image several times; each version is true to the feel of the space (from my perspective!). I hope you enjoy them.

My primary focus here in Kansas City is real estate, family, portrait and event photography; but I have a passion for landscape and cityscape photography. You can view my images on the Images for Sale page of my website, or visit KC Art Angels in Old Town Lenexa to purchase prints. Unfortunately, these images of the station are not for sale, as the station has professional photography restrictions. I'll update you if I successfully navigate their requirements!

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